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Most Interesting Eating Habits Practiced Around the World

Most Interesting Eating Habits Practiced Around the World

Food is one of the most valuable things in the world because it nourishes our bodies and brings us enjoyment. But, the way people consume food can vary. To be specific, there are different eating habits and traditions practiced around the world. Some of these practices may surprise you. So, what are the most interesting eating habits practiced around the world?


A lot of people consider slurping as rude when eating noodles. However, slurping loudly is a common practice in Japan. To be specific, it is customary to slurp loudly when eating ramen because they believe that it can help improve the flavor of the noodles. Plus, slurping is one way to show the host or chef that you enjoyed the meal. So, if you’re heading to Japan, you can forget your mother’s advice that slurping loud is disrespectful.


Respecting the elders is a key element in South Korea. For this reason, they always make sure that the elders have taken their first bite before they begin eating their meals. Additionally, it is also customary for them to receive food and drinks with both hands. By doing this practice, you are showing respect to the host or the one serving the food or beverage.


A lot of countries use chopsticks; thus, it is vital to know some chopstick etiquette, especially if you’re visiting most Asian countries.

One of the most interesting eating habits practiced around the world is the proper use of chopsticks. One, in particular, is to avoid using the chopsticks to point or tap someone because it is a sign of disrespect. In China, sticking your chopsticks vertically in your bowl is also a big no-no. The reason is that it mimics the use of incense, which is used to honor the dead.


In Britain, drinking tea is popular; however, you also have to observe a lot of rules when drinking tea. For instance, when you stir your tea, your teaspoon should not touch the sides of the teacup. Additionally, you should also avoid leaving your teaspoon in the cup. Instead, you should place it on the saucer.


Like slurping loudly, belching is often considered rude, especially in countries like Chile. However, belching is acceptable in some Far East countries like China and Taiwan. To be specific, people in these countries belch or burp lightly after eating to compliment the host or chef.

Eating Habits Practiced

Overall, these are some of the most interesting eating habits practiced around the world. As presented, people consume food in different ways. For some, they consider belching and slurping as rude. However, some countries consider these practices as a way to compliment the host. As such, knowing these eating habits is crucial, especially if you plan on traveling to different countries.

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